Bear Viewing Week at the Copper River Lodge

Are you interested in bear viewing?  Let us put together the perfect combination of bear viewing, fishing, and other activities in Alaska.

Alaska salmon
  This week can include a trip to the famous Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park.  Brooks is renowned as one of the best bear viewing locations in the world. 

The best time of year for these activities is in late July.  This is also the prime time of year on the Copper River to view bears in their natural environment, and not on a crowded viewing platform. Let our skilled guides take you up some of the beautiful and small rivers that flow into Lake Iliamna. These rivers are blessed with some of the largest sockeye salmon runs in Alaska. As a result the grizzly bears (actually Alaskan Brown Bear) flock to these small streams for the easy prey.

You will boat, raft, and hike up the beautiful Copper River, which is filled with shallow rifles that the salmon have to risk their lives to swim through. Often times the bears will be waiting for one of the unlucky salmon to venture too close. There are very few ecosystems in the world as rich as the streams of Iliamna. The Copper River can get a sockeye salmon run of over 100,000 salmon in only 20 miles of river. This is over 5000 salmon per mile on a river that is sometimes less than 20 ft wide! With a good spotting scope or binoculars you can watch these bears.  We also use jet boats to access more remote aspects of this river, and to get a little closer to the wildlife.

If there happens to be a fisherman in the group we can certainly catch a few trout or salmon while you wait for the bears to come out.  Fishing is our specialty and we can get even the most novice fisherman hooked on fishing. 

We also have a lake boat that can take you into Lake Iliamna to view even more remote creeks with bears, fresh water seals, and other wildlife. Hiking, kayaking, float plane sight seeing, and other non fishing opportunities are also other possibilities. It is a great family trip.

Please note that many of these activities have to be booked in advance or upon booking and are not available for short notice at the lodge.  They can also have additional charges (specifically kayaking, float plane sight seeing, and the Brooks Falls bear viewing trip).

One week will not seem like enough!  As we only take 6 guests this week please contact us early so we can reserve a spot for you.

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