Welcome to the Copper River Lodge

The Copper River is one of the premier wild Alaska rainbow trout rivers; and considered by many, one of the premier rivers in the world. It is a State of Alaska designated "trophy rainbow river" and regulated to "fly fishing only; catch and release." It is this designation that has kept the fishing on the river so outstanding.

The Copper River Lodge is a small Alaska fly fishing lodge that caters to only six people per week. The small group size ensures personal service, relaxing atmosphere, less people and more time on the river. You'll find our staff to be very experienced, polite, and professional.

Alaska Copper River Lodge Rainbow TroutWe also offer trips to the Upper Copper River which is inaccessible by jet boat and can only be reached by floatplane. Fishing the Upper Copper River requires a private fishery permit and is very unique to our lodge.

Ready to fly fish for wild Alaska trophy rainbow trout?

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