Copper River Lodge |  Fly Fishing For Trout in Alaska

If you are considering fly fishing Alaska for trout, then here are the reasons why you should fish with us.

  The Copper River Lodge only takes 6 guests a week!  You will know our crew more as friends than crew by the end of the week.  This ensures that we are able to cater to your fishing goals and abilities.

The Copper River Lodge is  on the world famous Copper River itself.  You can walk right down to the river from our lodge and be fishing.  You could not ask for a better home water.

The Copper River is one of the best trout rivers in Alaska.  
It is a fly fishing only river.  It is easily waded and crossed.  Guests can spread out and fish every inch of the river.

Dry fly fishing!  The Copper River has some of the best dry fly fishing in Alaska in June and July.  It is lower 48 style trout fishing for Alaska sized trout.

We also have amazing sockeye salmon fishing in July.

Our guides are the best our guests have fished with.  This is still the most common comment when guests leave feedback.  They are very knowledgeable, but not over confident.  Our guides know this river better than any other lodge.  We fish it everyday for 4 months every summer and most of our guides have guided with us for years.  We also run the Sweetwater Travel Guide School so we have first option on 100s of students every year, this means we have the cream of the crop. 

There is only one permit to trespass on the native owned the Copper River and we share it with one other lodge.  This allows us to legally access the uplands of this river.  At any other lodge (except for the one we share it with) chances are if you step on the grass you are trespassing.  This also allows us to leave jet boats on the upper Copper and access water that very few people fish.    We can also legally step on the bank and spot fish for you, eat lunch, or go into the woods for other reasons.

We rebuilt the lodge in 2014.  Guests now stay in private cabins with their own bathroom, shower, and deck overlooking the river.  Our main lodge is also new with a great deck to have a drink and watch the sunset.  This is now one of the nicest remote Alaska fishing lodges we know of.

We have a lake boat
to access other tributaries that flow into Lake Iliamna.  The reality is we have a float plane, a lake boat, 6 + plus jet boats, and 3 rafts, available to access all the fantastic fisheries around us.   You will have options, and will most likely only fish locations twice because you want to. 

Fly outs are available and included in the package!    We own our own Cessna 185  float plane for just 6 guests.  Fly outs are apart of our fishing program.  Please look at the rates page to understand what is included.    

If you can get an opening, you might just want to come back every year.  Over 90% of our clients are repeat clients or were referred to us by our clients and we book up every year.  We are happy to give a reference of guests that have fished the exact week you are considering.

Come see why we have had one of the best fly fishing for trout lodge’s in Alaska for nearly 40 years!  

2023 Review and 2024 Preview:

Joe Hyde, our onsite manager, and owner,  has 20 plus years of experience and we have among the most experienced guide staff in the area.   The combination of fly outs, 6 guest capacity, and one of the best home rivers out there makes this one of the finest fishing lodges in Alaska.

Trophy Alaska Trout Fly Fishing   alaska trout fishing guides

With such a long history, experienced crew, and great fishing, we have many returning guests each year.   Our small size, just 6 anglers per week, and an intimate setting insure that our guests receive the best service and Alaskan experience possible in the Iliamna region.

Call us or email us, and we can tell you why our lodge is one of the best in the business.  But if you do not believe us, talk to one of our past clients, they are our best salesmen!  We will give you a reference from a client that fished this year, and the same week you are considering.  

"Your lodge provided me and my son one of the best experiences of our lives, which we will never forget. Thanks."
Dick T.

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