Trip Insurance

Sweetwater recommends Medical Evacuation/Trip Cancellation insurance as a way to protect your investment insurance. Both serve very important pieces to insurance in the unfortunate event you fall ill during your trip or have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

Trip cancellation insurance protects your trip payment whether you have to cancel the trip or your trip is cancelled. Coverage is, of course, contingent upon the cancellation resulting from a covered occurrence. Trip cancellation insurance is most effective if purchased at the same time you make your initial deposit, as, in most cases, if you purchase trip insurance within two weeks of your reservation, you can get coverage for a cancellation based upon a pre-existing condition. Sweetwater is happy to answer any questions regarding trip cancellation but urges you to contact the insurance.

Medical evacuation insurance covers you in the event you fall ill or are injured during your trip. Travelex and Global Rescue provided medical evacuation insurance. Many of you may already have medical evacuation insurance and should call your insurance provider prior to purchasing an additional package. The primary consideration with a medical evacuation is whether you need to be admitted into a hospital prior to evacuation. When assessing you are admitted.

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The Travelex Group has offices in 35 countries and corporate relationships in over 100 countries spanning the globe, serving over 29,000,000 customers each year. The company offers multiple travel protection plans with varying levels of coverage to major travel organizations, airports and travel agencies in the USA. TIS is focused on building strong client relationships and offering its clients the most innovative protection products available. Click here for a quote from Travelex.

Global Rescue is committed to keeping its members safe. We provide the finest medical and security services from the world’s top experts and emergency evacuations from around the globe. Global Rescue’s mission is to provide the highest quality medical, security, transport, and other critical services for our members anytime, anywhere in the world. Click here for a quote from Global Rescue.