Alaska Fishing Lodge Rates and Information

If you would like to know more about the Copper River Lodge, please contact us. The Copper River Lodge has a 90%+  rebooking rate, and word of mouth referral rate so openings are limited.  This page has been updated for our 2023 season.

Package Rate:
$8,600/6 days of  fishing/ 6  nights  2023 Rates.  Please note if inflation is over 5% at time of final invoicing that you can expect a modest increase to help us absorb the increase in costs.  Please email for more details. 

Rate Includes:
Float plane transfers between Iliamna and the Lodge, fly outs to other destinations for the 2023 season (weather,  schedule, and aircraft maintenance permitting),  all accommodations and meals during the week, taxes, flies, leaders, tippet, and guide services are all included in the package.   Our fly out package includes a couple "local" or non fly out days.  This usually means either fishing the lower Copper River, or taking our lake boat over to the Gibraltar River, but does not include the airplane.  

Not Included:
Airfare to Iliamna, fishing license, gratuities for the camp staff, liquor, fly out to other locations in 2022, and fishing equipment. (Some back-up fishing equipment is available at the lodge.)

Gratuities are not included in the cost of the package and are left to the discretion of the individual angler. However, for planning purposes fishermen can expect the industry standard of 10-15% of the fishing package ($860 to $1,290 is our recommended gratuity in 2023).

Arrival day:

Please give yourself a couple hours to transfer from a commercial flight to your Iliamna Air Taxi flight.  This means you should be in Anchorage by 2:30 pm on Sunday at the latest.

Sunday depart from Anchorage with Iliamna Air Taxi at 4:30 pm. PLEASE NOTE THAT ILIAMNA AIR TAXI IS NOT IN THE MAIN AIRPORT. IT IS LOCATED IN THE SIGNATURE AIR TERMINAL LOCATED IN THE AIR CARGO SECTION OF THE AIRPORT. 6231 S. Airpark Pl.  Your hotel shuttle will most likely know the location. There is a combined 70lb baggage limit per person.

Upon arrival in Iliamna you will be met by the floatplane pilot.  If you have questions just ask anyone at the desk and tell them you are with the Copper River Lodge.

After roughly 45 minutes in Iliamna you will be transferred to the float plane near the airport.  You will then be flown to the Copper River Lodge in a float plane which is a short 15 minute flight.

Arrival to the Lodge:

The guides will meet you at the plane with our boats and transfer you to the lodge. This is a 5 minute boat ride so keep your jacket out if it is a rainy day. Upon arrival at the lodge you will unpack,  have an orientation and dinner. 

Monday through Friday you will fish all day. Usually breakfast is at 7 am and departure is at 8 am. You will fish until 6pm. Please note that this schedule can change depending on when the best fishing is.  

Departure Day:

Saturday is a good fishing day on the lower Copper River  (fly outs not usually available).   You can usually fish for 6 hours on Saturday. You will then depart 3:30 on the floatplane . This gets you to Iliamna in time for the 4:30pm flight to Anchorage. You will arrive in Anchorage at 5 pm. Please give yourself 2 hours between your arrival and departure from Anchorage.  Do not book a flight before 7 pm on your Saturday departure.

Fly Out Charter Rates Rough Estimates (for the 2022 season):

Fly outs to other fisheries are not included in our package.  We do not make money on these charters, we pass on the costs of the air taxi we use to the clients that are in the airplane that day.   The air taxi is not part of the Copper River Lodge.   They are available nearly 100% of the time on short notice, so you can wait to make your reservations.  Plus if it is bad weather (unflyable) you do not pay for this service.  

The most common and least expensive fly out is to raft the Copper River.  This trip gives our clients access to a portion of the Copper that is not accessible to our jet boats out of the main lodge.  This trip is less expensive as you only need a fly out in the morning then you drift down to the lodge.  The cost of this fly out is $160- $190 per angler for the day.

The most expensive fly out is to our Silver Salmon fishery, as we also rent boats.  This can run up to $585 per angler for the day if 4 anglers go.   Silvers are only available in late August and September. 

Most of our fly out costs are somewhere in between but average around $450 per angler per day.

Here is an example of an average Copper River Lodge week:

There are 6 days of fishing at the lodge.  Usually Saturday is a lower Copper day as you depart in the late afternoon from the lodge, so there are 5 days available for fly outs.  Most guests spend 1 day on the lower Copper beyond Saturday, and spend one day fishing the Gibraltor, both of these do not have air taxis involved so there is no extra cost.  Fishing the upper Copper with a raft trip, or jet boat is our most common fly out, and that is roughly$190 per angler.    Then we have guests that want try a fishing trip into Katmai park one day, and that will run around $450 per angler.  Then on Friday repeat your favorite day, lets say it was the raft trip in this case ($190) .  Your total air taxi bill on this average week would be $830 per angler, and you would be fishing new water everyday except you would fish the lower Copper twice and whatever fishery you decide to repeat.    When you compare our weekly rate plus your air taxi bill to a full fly out lodge, most of the full fly out  lodges are running 30-40% more for the week.  Also note that these prices are rough estimates, and can change quickly especially with fuel rates being high.